Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The other day when Linzy and I were leaving Home Depot after exchanging the light fixture, there was a guy in the parking lot who had just finished unloading his cart into his grey minivan.

He was parked in the second spot from the front, near the entrance to the store. As we were exiting the building he took a running start and then launched the cart across the road and towards the building. Intending, I guess for it to careen into the nicely stacked rows of carts and for someone else to pick up after him.

That day it was ridiculously windy, and so as the cart was rolling at a good clip, a gusty crosswind came up and blew the cart. It blew hard enough to turn it 90 degrees, where it continued its now wind-aided trek faster and faster, right into the back of a car waiting outside the garden center.


Even crazier, it turned out that the car was occupied at the time as the driver's door immediately popped out and a guy climbed out to inspect the damage done by the lazy idiot.

The mind-boggling part is that there was literally a cart-corral area just a few spots down the aisle. So there was no reason to launch the cart across the parking lot and into someone's car. Other then stupidity, of course.


McBrideFarm said...

Oooh, I would have been so pissed if he hit my car! What an idiot. People are always doing baffling things with their carts.

Our Co-op doesn't have cart corrals in the parking lot, and they ask you to just bring it back to the store. The lot is small, so it's really not far from anywhere in the lot. People will bring their cart all the way back to the entryway and then leave it right outside the door, right in everyone's way. What, you couldn't walk 10 more steps and put it inside, in the rows of carts? Or my favorite is when they wrestle it up onto one of the landscaped islands--I'm sure thinking they're being nice by not leaving it in a parking spot, but which seems like immensely more effort than just strolling back to the store.

Steve Eck said...

Wrestling them up on the islands is a nice touch. It's both more effort for them and whoever has to eventually go chase the carts down and bring them back inside. Nice.