Monday, July 28, 2008

Sales Tax

I was looking at our Sprint bill tonight, specifically the various taxes and fees section.

You know, the section where they used to try to make fees they passed on to customers look like taxes. I was amused (sort of) to see that the administrative fee charged by Sprint related to collecting non-mandatory fees actually exceeds the total of all other fees ($3 versus $2.33). Cause I'm sure there is a lot of administration involved in tacking extra charges onto a bill they are going to send out anyways.

Anyways, what actually caught my eye was a line item for $0.15 in Dakota County Sales tax. I wasn't aware we had a sales tax in Dakota County. After a search, I found that it only started at the beginning of the month, so I felt less silly at not realizing it.

I'm sure if I paid closer attention, this wouldn't have come as a surprise (Bill was talking about it back in April after all), but other then it sounding vaguely familiar, it didn't immediately jump to mind. If it helps fix the debacle that is Cedar avenue through Apple Valley, then I guess it will be good.

The interesting thing should come when the state is trying balance their budget with significantly smaller tax revenues. All of the sudden those transit projects are not going to look like money well spent.

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