Sunday, July 13, 2008

Small Changes

Over the past month or so, Linzy had come to the decision that what she wanted to spend her birthday money on was replacing the outside light fixtures on our house. We had the same 12 year old cheap brass torches outside, and they were looking decidedly worse for wear. Actually, they looked worse for wear when we bought the house, and things haven't improved in the past seven years.

Anyways, this weekend we actually got around to looking for new lights and ended up finding ones that look really nice for far less then I was pessimistically estimating we would have to spend. We certainly could have spent more if we had custom ordered something, but it turned out that some stock ones were the ones we liked the best.

So yesterday Linzy and I replaced the 4 of the 5 lights in just a little over an hour, and would have completed all five except that the fifth kit was missing some parts. So we exchanged that one and I replaced it in literally 8 minutes tonight. By that point I had the replacement process down to a science.

It is amazing what a difference something as small as the light fixture makes. The front of the house looks much better now, as does the deck light. For less then $200 an a couple hours worth of work, it was well worth the effort.

The old light that was on the side of the garage nearest the front door.
New Outside Lights-3

The three lights from the front of the house. In dire need of replacement.
New Outside Lights-11

The new copper lantern style lights we put up.
New Outside Lights-8

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