Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Spam Filter Vacation

Apparently today was a vacation day for my gmail account's spam filter, everything was getting through.

The morning started with a "This day in History" e-mail which appears to have come direct from the History channel courtesy of a video I ordered for Christmas for Linzy's dad over two years ago. Now, in theory I'm sure they took my e-mail address from my order, despite the fact that I opt-out of everything marketing related, but I've never gotten another e-mail in the past two years. So I assume the rest were correctly getting caught by a filter.

Then, in rapid succession I got an e-mail advertising a WCCO event where they are having Jason DeRusha shill for their new advertising scheme, two porn e-mails, and a spam e-mail for a woman's fashion website (WTF?).

This afternoon another two really typical prescription drug e-mails made it through, and then after that, nothing. It was like the filter started back up again. I guess maybe even computers need a day off.


McBrideFarm said...

That's weird. I didn't have any trouble with my gmail account, though I did have problems logging in in the afternoon. Maybe something went kablooie for them for a little while....? Your day yesterday sounds like every freaking day with my hotmail account. That thing was ridiculous.

Bill Roehl said...

I got the DeRusha invite as well but I figured it was because I signed up for the CBS ad network which I never ended up using.

Moe said...

I've been having the same issues here. Quite a few junk emails in the gmail inbox, everything from drugs to sex.

I'm actually glad I got the DeRusha invite, I registered for the event right away. But then again, I am a DeRusha groupie.

Bill Roehl said...

DeRusha is everyone's hero but I don't care for the marketing routes they have chosen to promote the event.

Steve Eck said...

Sarah, Hotmail accounts are awesome. At least if you are interested in wiring money from Nigerian banks, and ordering cheap prescription pills.

Bill, Since I got an invite, clearly they decided not to be choosy when trying to convince people to run their ads.

Moe, I can tell you exactly how the sales pitch will go. "We will get you more money because our ads will be for local products and thus more relevant to your readers, so they will click through more". I can't see how WCCO expects to be able to do better then Google. They might as well be selling you timeshares.

Jason DeRusha said...

Luckily, I didn't have to shill for anything. But you got the e-mail because you either expressed interest in the blog network, or one of our digital media staff members identified your blog as a potential participant. Most of the reviews of the blog-inar were good... the sales pitch was the last thing of the event, and it was a pretty soft-sell. Thank goodness. Since I don't see any of the action.