Saturday, July 12, 2008

Star Wars Exhibit

Star Wars Exhibit-40Today Linzy and I went to the Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum. The tickets were a gift from my parents for my birthday, which was really nice of them and a good idea.

The exhibit was a combination of some of the things that were at the Minneapolis Institute of Art several years back and some new things. It was larger then what was at the Institute of Art to my recollection, but not particularly huge. We spent a little over an hour in the exhibit, of which at least 30-40 minutes was spent waiting in line to see the robot video (which was absolutely, unequivicably not worth waiting even one minute for).

We also had tickets to go see the Special Effects movie at the Omnitheater which was a film from 1996 or so on Industrial Light and Magic, showing how blue screen composite effect shots were made for the 20th anniversary re-release of the original movies. You remember that tragedy, right? They also showed some effects from Independence Day, Jumanji and Shazaam (yes, the movie with Shaq). I was puzzled by the choice of a 12-year old movie on special effects.

Star Wars Exhibit-10
The tickets are ridiculously expensive ($27 a person if you buy online) since you have to buy a Science Museum ticket, the Star Wars ticket and an Omnitheater ticket. Plus you have to pay absolutely stupefying prices to park at the Science Muesuem ($8 for 2 hours).

It was interesting to see the props and costumes. If you're a huge Star Wars fan, don't mind large crowds of ill-mannered people, and didn't see the original exhibit, it might be fun to see. Otherwise, you'll have to decide how much an hour or two of Star Wars entertainment is worth to you.

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Bill Roehl said...

On street parking is free on Sundays (and after 4:30) in St Paul. I realize that doesn't do much good on Saturday though :)

Steve Eck said...

Thanks for the info.