Wednesday, July 16, 2008

There's a Line?

Last weekend, when we were at the Star Wars exhibit they had a two part queue line setup to wait to get into it. Everyone's ticket has a specific time on it and they had two queue lines setup.

One for the closest time slot (say 11:00am) and one for the following slot (say 11:15am). That way they could make sure all the 11:00 people got in before the 11:15 people. Off to the side there was an area for, apparently, handicapped people so they didn't have to try to navigate the narrow queue lines.

So just before 11:00 we were standing in line waiting patiently for our chance to get into the exhibit. There was a guy behind me who kept creeping closer and closer to me. I guess subconsciously trying to push the line in the door.

At one point they paused taking tickets from our line and let in a bunch of the people waiting in the handicap-accessible area (which, of course, included a significant number of people too good to wait with the rest of us).

Anyways, after they let in all those people and switched back to our line, all of the sudden the guy behind me jumped over the queue rope and ran up to the ticket lady and stood there trying to get her to take his ticket. He kept kind of trying to push it at her and she kept (rightly) ignoring him.

Everyone in line ahead of him (now behind him) was like "What are you doing?" and he goes "What?". "Well, there's a line, for one thing.". "There is?". "Yeah, you were just in it?!" "Oh. Sorry about that. I didn't realize".

And he got back in line. What in the world did he think we were doing standing in a queue line? At the point you've just blatantly line-hopped in front of 30 people, at least have the arrogance to stick to your guns and don't sheepishly get back in line.

Instead he meekly returned to the line and continued to slowly invade my personal space by inching ever closer. It was quite strange.

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