Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bookshelf Update #1

DSC_2173So, a week has gone by since I got the wood delivered for my new built-in bookcases and progress has been minimal. It basically all falls into the category of 'preparation'.

I put up plastic sheets along the back wall of the garage to protect the stuff from being layered in sawdust (to the extent that is possible). I also took off the old shelf and chair rail from the bedroom, and my Dad brought over tons of the tools we'll need for this little project.

The only thing I did that is even vaguely like woodwork was that I started trying to figure out how impossible the crown molding was going to be. Since I don't have the real stuff yet, I bought an eight-foot piece from Menards and proceeded to hack up about three feet of it trying to figure out how to cut crown molding. And it is definitely tricky.


Making the template pieces wasn't too bad, and I was able to use those to determine the compound angles necessary to compensate for the spring angle without too much trouble (it was a standard size). From that I was able to cut one of the face pieces fairly easily. The piece ended up too small by an eighth of an inch, but for a first try I was satisfied. Then I moved on to the much smaller jut-out sides which need to be a mere 13/16s inch wide at the widest point with two different angles cut for each side (inside corner RH on the left and outside corner LH on the right). That was a bit trickier.

The first attempt was totally wrong, it didn't even end up with the correct cuts (it's surprisingly difficult to figure out which angle the blade should be at, which side of it should be cutting, and which side of the molding should be against the fence). The second attempt ended up with the correct angles, but it took three cuts to get to the right size, and during the last cut the piece shifted and so the end result wouldn't have been usable.


Clearly more practice will be required, and that is the project for next week, along with actually starting this project next weekend.

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