Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bookshelf Update #3

IMG_0584After a weekend off from working on the cabinets, Dad and I made lots of progress this week.

Most of the initial work was 'pennance' for messing up five of the sides last week. Thursday we went and picked up the replacement/additional wood from Brenden. Then Saturday we spent about five hours making new side pieces to replace those that we had made incorrectly a couple weeks ago, and then put two of the boxes together.

Today we spent just three hours working, but managed to put the remaining three boxes together, and cut back panels for all five boxes. That left us with a nice sense of accomplishment since we were able to bring all five units downstairs to the room and test fit them on the ledge.

Next up, we'll actually attach the bookshelf cases to the wall/ceiling and then get down to work on the face frame. I'm excited to work on the face frame, and then move on to the crown molding.

Some pictures from this weekend:

Clearly I need a larger garage


Can you really have too many clamps on something? Incidentally, this particular case freaked Linzy out, because she thought the wood we were using to keep it off the garage floor was the permanent back

Tacking on the back panel with the nail gun. If you can't see me, it's cause I'm wearing camo.

The new bookcases downstairs awaiting installation.

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