Monday, August 25, 2008

Full Disclosure

Late Sunday afternoon, after finishing up work on the shelves and hitting the local dog park with Linzy, I managed to find the time to complete my annual 25-mile bike ride in preparation for the St. Paul Bike Classic.

Unfortunately, my complete lack of regular training this summer sabotaged my hopes for at least holding steady with last years time. Instead, I put in a time slower then even the very first year I did the ride.

In 2005 I completed a 25-mile route in 1:37:04.
In 2006 I completed a new 25-mile route in 1:34:14
In 2007 it was 1:35:10
In 2008 it was 1:39:15

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that isn't the direction those numbers are supposed to be going.

All-in-all I am rather embarrassed with the clear demonstration of my lack of training. Like many things, there were always good excuses for why I didn't have the time to fit in bike rides or even elliptical sessions, but the end result was disappointing regardless of the (many) reasons.

Luckily the St. Paul Bike Classic is all about fun with friends, so as far as that goes the times don't matter one whit.


Brenden said...

Ha! Your tour with us will take *much* longer than 1:30! :) Can't wait!

We did do another 12 miles on Sunday. Allison had to walk up part of a brutal hill toward the end, but recovered for the last two miles a lot better than she did on our last ride.

Scooter said...

Brenden raises a good point. If your times are slowing down, you just surround yourself with slower people.

Is it the same path every year? Do you account for continental drift and uplift? I'm sure those are factors affecting your speed.

Steve Eck said...

Brenden, I'm glad the training is happening. The Classic should be fun.

Scooter, The problem soon will be actually finding slower people to surround myself with. Clearly I need some friends with Burleys and kids. Heavy kids.

Scooter said...

That won't work with me - I leave Eryn at home. This is the first year they're not doing the discount on bulk registrations, so I don't know if slower people from my office are going. I keep a list and remind them a few times before the ride and let them know about where we start, breakfast, etc. My list expanded by about 10 people, but the only ones I know for sure are coming are doing the 45! I'll probably get to see them twice during the ride.