Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Have a Seat

At the State Fair on Tuesday, we spent some time roaming the various grandstand and other ares filled with questionable, overpriced or just plain goofy products. The one we ended up spending the most time looking at actually turned out to be the Octane Fitness xR6.

The xR6 is a seated elliptical, a niche market I didn't even know existed. Since they were offering a free t-shirt if you listened to their sales pitch, and I was curious to see exactly how it worked and compared to my Q37e I agreed.

The whole concept is a bit strange. The main benefit of a regular elliptical is the lack of impact, so adding a seat doesn't really change that at all. It is more akin to the difference between a recumbent and regular bike. In fact, for the most part it felt like a really strange recumbent bike with some added arm motions.

I found the motion easy enough (if not particularly natural feeling), where as Linzy was too short and so ended up sitting far too close to the arms in order to be able to reach the pedals.

While I was testing out the machine, I spent my time quizzing the sales guy as to what problem they were trying to solve with the seated elliptical. It must be new because his explanations are ones that I would have tried to pass off from the top of my head. "Medical Conditions", "Seems easier", "More comfortable", etc.

The really crazy part is the price that they are trying to charge for it, I assume because it is the 'latest' model. The seated line of ellipticals runs about $1000 more then an equivalent standing elliptical (which are already pretty dang expensive). That seems like a big premium.

At least I got a new lawn mowing shirt out of the deal.

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