Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Money Well Spent

Today on the bus ride into work, I finished up the last bit of Final Fantasy 5. As I went to save my game for the last time, I noticed my total play time had just ticked over 46 hours.

I bought the game used for $20 and debated long and hard about whether it was worth that price for an ancient GBA game based on an even more ancient SNES game that wasn't even good enough to make it to the US. Turns out to have been worth it, I guess.

Now I definitely took my time with the game, spending a ridiculous amount of time leveling up to try to compensate for the insanely frequent encounter rates and overall difficulty of the game. And I finished not only the regular game plus extra bosses, but also the bonus dungeon, bonus end bosses, AND the post-bonus bonus challenge. That's a lot of unnecessarily difficult bonus material to wade through.

I did enjoy the game, even if it was a bit unforgivingly hard. Most of the difficulty came from the rather bizarre class mechanism they used in the game which required you to master classes one at a time, so that the abilities carried over to a super-class where you couldn't gain anymore class experience. Basically you spent time wandering around with a couple characters not gaining any class experience, and two mostly-deadweight characters collecting class experience. Then rotate the roles and repeat.

Next thing you know, three months and 46 hours of your life have whizzed by. Interestingly, by a rough count the 46 hours works out almost exactly to 5 hours a week (30 minutes each way to work, five times a week), ignoring vacation and travel weeks.

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