Monday, August 04, 2008


I was walking the dog the other day and walked past a mother out in the front yard playing baseball with her little son (maybe three?). The son was practicing batting, and they had a little contraption that shot foam baseballs into an arc in the air, so that you could practice swinging at them. The balls went into a tube in the back, and then were shot out of the front one after another.

Anyways, as I walked past the machine stopped shooting baseballs out, so the kid ran over to check it out. He was yelling "It's stuck, It's stuck" as he raced over to the machine and crouched down at the back of the machine to inspect it. After a few seconds he went "There!" and stepped back.

Meanwhile the mother had come over and was looking at the front of the machine, specifically the ejector mouth. Right as the boy went "There!", he fixed the problem and a foam baseball shot out of the machine right into the mother's head. She was already trying to get out of the way, suspecting I guess what was going to happen, but it was too late. To add insult to injury she tripped trying to go backwards so it ended up looking like the ball hit her in the head and knocked her completely over.

All the while more foam balls were shooting out of the machine and landing near where she lay as the son ran over going "Mommy, Mommy, I fixed it!".

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