Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Skunk!

DSC_2410On Saturday when we were up North, after dinner Dan and his dad had started a campfire. After sitting around relaxing on the hammock for a while, I talked Phillipa into continuing our games of Touring. While we were playing all of the sudden there was all kinds of commotion outside, followed by screaming and everyone from outside running inside.

When I asked what had happened, Brenda explained that there had been a skunk or some kind of animal invading the backyard! While everyone else went around the back of the house, I went around the other way to see a jacket being tugged across the front lawn by string.

After much laughing, it became clear that Dan's dad Charlie had gone out to the garage in front to get some more wood while everyone else was still around the fire. On his way back he tied an old jacket to his leg with a long piece of string. When he strode nonchalantly up to the fire, off in the darkness the jacket rustled along the ground making a small dark shape moving across the lawn.

Someone heard the noise and saw a shape moving in the darkness and somewhere along the line the leap to Skunk! was made, and everyone ran inside. Including Charlie, which of course meant the "Skunk" basically chased after them, increasing the panic.

It was pretty hilarious and clever, though I suspect it loses something in re-telling.

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