Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sniper Watch

The big topic of discussion at work lately has been the Republican National Convention that will be in St. Paul next week and what sort of impact that is going to have on traffic and downtown Minneapolis. The strange thing is that apparently a number of the big-wigs are staying at the Hilton in downtown Minneapolis, which happens to be near my office building.

So at the parking ramp across the street police cars and vans line both sides of the street for an entire block. All of the windows on the bottom floor are blacked out to protect the command post and there are SWAT team members and Secret Service guys roaming around periodically checking out the area.

From my window at work you can see the roof of the Hilton, so my co-worker nearby and I have been joking about whether either of us has seen a sniper on the roof yet. That will be pretty cool, as long as we don't 'see' him via a red dot floating across my computer monitor.

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