Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Theodore Wirth

On Tuesday night I went golfing with a bunch of people from my group at work. It was a good time.

We played at the Theodore Wirth course, just outside of downtown. It is an old course, one of the first in the state of Minnesota. The course is pretty tough, filled with narrow fairways lined with huge mature trees, and endless super steep hills. They also threw in water (which you normally couldn't even see due to those dang hills) and frequent shoulder-high rough patches just for good measure.

I hadn't played golf for nearly a year and a half, so I was a bit nervous about the whole deal. Luckily, we were playing scramble rules, so we didn't have to use most of my terrible shots. It would have been very helpful if I had at least been to a driving range beforehand, as by the back nine I was making noticeably better contact with the ball and actually contributing to the team.

Unfortunately that better contact frequently just translated into longer distances into the woods or deep rough. And so I lost a ridiculous amount of balls (probably 5-6 for the round).

All in all, considering I hadn't played for 16 months and not for years prior to that, I didn't do too bad. We used some of my shots other then just putts especially on the back nine, and on one hole I drove to within 5 yards of our 8 handicapper who hits a really long ball.

Our team did pretty well overall, finishing 3 over with a 38 on the front nine and a 37 on the back nine. That was good enough to win the round, as even though the other group had a 36 (or 35) on the front nine, the wheels came off on the back nine with a 41.

I've never done a scramble before, but it was really a nice way to experience a course that otherwise would have been painfully difficult. While I wanted to at least avoid embarrassing myself, in scramble I didn't have to worry about every single shot. Starting a full 18-hole round at 4:00pm makes for a long day, and I was starving by the time 8:30 rolled around and we were finishing up the last hole but I would definitely play again.


Moe said...

Wirth is one of my favorite courses, I just love all the hills and trees, and views of the city.

That whole park is pretty awesome though. They have a nice tubing hill in the winter, and it's a nice park to bike through.

Steve Eck said...

Somehow I would have imagined that you would like Theodore Wirth. It seems right up your alley.

It is a pretty course with all the trees and views from the hills.