Monday, August 18, 2008

Up North: Pictures

DSC_2299We had a full day last weekend when up in northern Minnesota. We spent quite a bit of time at Dan's parent's cabin on Lake Belle Taine, in between Nevis and Park Rapids, MN. We also went into Park Rapids, up to Itasca State Park, and to Dorset, MN.

I took a fair amount of pictures, and while some are self-explanatory, some might need some explanation:

Megan getting ready for her first-ever pontoon ride, by getting strapped into an infant lifevest.

It was a snug fit, but Megan didn't complain at all. She slept for most of the ride.

Linzy and I saw one of these on the trip up north, it is basically a multi-person jetski boat. It is really quick and turns on a dime. Although the young guy driving it nearly swamped it trying to make a 180 degree turn at full speed, burying the nose in the water.

This chipmunk was hanging out in a tree near the stairs that lead from the beach up to the cabin.

On our tour of Park Rapids Linzy and I got turned around in road construction and ended up stopping at a random park and doing some hiking around on the trails.

After Park Rapids we still had some time to kill, and decided to go up to Itasca state park to see the Mississippi headwaters.

Amazingly, that is the entire headwaters. Even just a few hundred miles downstream the river a massive, but it all starts from this little creek. Plus a lot for groundwater.

Linzy didn't have any interest in scrambling across wet rocks, but I did the traditional walk across the Mississippi river.

The state forest had quite a few downed tress, as apparently back in 1996 (?) they had a major wind storm with 100 mph sustained winds and 120 mph gusts. They lost somewhere around 10,000 trees.

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