Monday, August 18, 2008

Up North: Water Sports

DSC_2377After doing our tourist-duties on Saturday, we all went back to Dan's parents house to do some swimming and other water activities. After getting acclimated to the rather cold water, we did some swimming and looking at the bass house, and Linzy and I did some kayaking.

After that, Dan's nephew Mathew and his friend wanted to do some tubing and water skiing.

Dan's nephew was learning how to water ski and that inspired Dan to give it a try. Here his sister Brenda is helping him get setup.

Unfortunately, there were no adult-sized skis on hand, so Dan was trying with Mathew's kids skis.

The pontoon, Dan, and skis were never able to come to an agreement on how this whole deal was going to work. There was an adult single slalom ski at the cabin, but...well...a number of people tried it and the prevailing excuse was that the pontoon didn't have the get-up to pull them out of the water. Yep. That was the story.

Brenda brought two kayaks over, and we all had a good time paddling around in them. Linzy and I took them up and down the shore for quite a while. Here Judy (Dan's Mom) is trying them out.

Tubing was much more successful then water skiing (except for Mathew, who did just fine on the training skis)

After watching everyone else have fun on the tube, Nikki worked up the courage to give it a go. Fully-clothed no less.

And had a blast.

In that "I'm pretty sure I could die at any moment" sort of way.

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McBrideFarm said...

Great pictures. Especially the tubing ones! And I like the ones from yesterday too--lots of pretty pictures. :)