Thursday, August 14, 2008

Upcoming Plans

Fall Vacation Cabin 024Just like the cool kids did last week, Linzy and I will be heading up north this weekend. Dan and Nikki, and their parents were nice enough to invite us up to their home in Nevis for the weekend.

We had a good time the last time we visited them, and since things have been so busy lately I am looking forward to getting away for the weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, and we'll be able to enjoy being 'Up North'.

Then next Tuesday, I'll be voluntarily embarrassing myself on the golf course with some co-workers. Nine people from my group are going after work on Tuesday to a course nearby to play. With 16 months of rust on my already poor golf skills, it should make for quite the performance.

In theory next week should also be my week for a 30-mile ride in preparation for the St. Paul Bike Classic, but since my bike's rear wheel is currently out of commission again, and I haven't even brought it in to be fixed that seems unlikely. Which is fine, since training this year has been...intermittent. Even compared with last year when I spent half the summer in Massachusetts.

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Moe said...

I wish we were the cool kids! Regardless, have a great time!