Monday, September 01, 2008

Bookshelf Update #4

DSC_2466Another weekend, more time spent working on bookshelves for our guest bedroom. Dad and I worked on the project two out of the three days this weekend and made some pretty significant progress.

Sunday morning was spent getting the cabinets we had finished assembling last week up and in place on the ledge. That was a somewhat slow process as everything had to be shimmed, spaced, leveled, adjusted, and then adjusted some more. Eventually we started working on cutting face frame to make it start to look like a built-in bookcase rather then a collection of independent boxes.

Then today was spent completely on face frame, cutting it, sanding it, attaching it to itself, to the cabinets, etc. In the end, we got nearly all of the face frame completed (just one piece on the underside of the ledge remains). It definitely felt good to start seeing the design come together.

The bookcases shimmed in place. Amusingly we ended up spending a while cutting bigger shims out 3/16" oak panels after having trouble getting the regular shims to fit correctly and provide enough support.

Drilling pocket holes for attaching the face frame together.

Adding a roundover to the bottom of the lower horizontal face frame, to make it more pleasing to the touch.

See the nice soft curve on the upper left corner?

Practicing for cutting in the biscuits.

Dad, measuring to make sure the vertical supports were going to end up in exactly the correct place while assembling the face frame.

Attaching that face frame to the bookcases.

The plan coming together (see here). Soon we'll be able to start on the crown molding.

Incidentally the remaining piece of face frame (other then for the front shelves) is of minor debate as it is underneath the overhang of the bookshelves and completely behind the bottom face frame. So the only way to see it is by laying on the floor and looking under the cabinets. But it will be made, because otherwise the job wouldn't be finished.


Moe said...

I'm very impressed. Nice work!

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