Monday, September 08, 2008

Bookshelf Update #5

IMG_0672This weekend not much visible progress was made on the bookshelves. My Dad and I only worked on them on Saturday, and while we made some progress it didn't really result in anything that was particularly photogenic.

We made some oak pieces to go behind the lower face frame and below the main ledge which, by design, is not visible except if you are laying on the floor. Since the wall is less then straight, it involved rather lengthy cuts by hand with a sabre saw, and while not my best work will serve its purpose just fine. Then we moved on to cutting all of the quarter-inch strips for the fronts of the shelves. That was painfully laborious process as cutting strips that thin is fairly slow and error-prone, as is cutting each one to a precise length by hand.

Once the strips were cut we spent the afternoon working on the crown molding. After an hour or so of panic after none of the cuts were coming out correctly (using the wrong side of the saw blade), and spending time making drying harnesses that probably won't be used and a cutting sled that also wasn't used, we eventually hit our stride and got about two-thirds of the pieces cut.


But then before anything could be put together, we discovered we didn't have the perfect length nails so nothing was put up, so the end result was:

We finished a board you can't see.
We cut strips for shelves but didn't put them on.
We cut about 15 random pieces of crown molding but didn't put any of it together.

Thus, the "productive, but not photogenic" comment.


On Sunday after the Bike Classic I did spend an hour or two sanding and putting the strips on the shelves. That work was done completely unsupervised, so in a few weeks when Bookshelf Update #27 is all about me redoing the shelf facings, you'll know why.

Still I think we are making good progress. At this point we're planning to finish the crown molding next weekend, which should mark then end of the actual woodwork. Then it will be on to sanding, staining, and varnishing everything. So quite a bit of work remaining, but the end is drawing nearer.



McBrideFarm said...

So when you're done with that project, can I expect Eck & Son Fine Furniture and Cabinetry to come out to NH for a little custom job in our home? ;) We'll pay you in zucchini and cucumbers from our garden. :P

Steve Eck said...

The thing you must remember is that the attention to detail at Eck & Son is outstanding. Our speed, not so much.

That could mean a lot of cucumbers and zucchinis.