Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bookshelf Update #6

IMG_0702Construction complete!

Today my Dad and I finished the last construction step of the bookshelves for my guest bedroom, the crown molding. Despite having gotten all but a few pieces of the crown molding cut last weekend, actually putting everything together took quite a while. Like everything on this project, it took longer then I was expecting, as we went back and re-cut a few pieces, and spent a bunch of time making sure everything fit snugly together.

The end result looks really good (in my biased opinion at least), and is basically exactly what I was envisioning when I drew up what passed for the plans on the project.

Despite finishing the construction, there is still quite a bit of work yet to do. I have some tests to run to pick out what color stain will work the best, and which putty will match the best. Once I get that decided, then its a matter of staining the bookscases and all 21 shelves, and then varnishing, and sanding, and varnishing, and sanding, etc.

At the pace I work, coupled with time to let things dry, that's at least several more weekend sessions worth of week. But on the plus side, I am inching ever closer to completion. We might even get one of the cars back in the garage before the snow flies.

Test fitting one of the jut-outs

The crown molding, partly installed.

A closer view of two jut-outs.

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McBrideFarm said...

Very pretty! nice work.