Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bookshelf Update #7

DSC_2495Progress continues on my bookshelves, but up until today it wasn't really anything that photographed particularly well.

Last weekend I spent a ridiculous amount of time sanding all 21 shelves by hand. What I was actually doing was sanding the face pieces so that they were flush with the shelves, and since the shelves have only a thin layer of veneer on them, I didn't want to risk sanding through veneer. I probably could have made it work, but it seemed better to be safe, even if that did result in a really tired shoulder. After all that work, I only really had the time to do some testing on stain and nail filler combinations.

This weekend the progress was much more visibly dramatic. I filled all the nail holes in the bookcases and shelves, sanded everything down (again), cleaned it all up, put up wax paper to protect the walls and finally stained everything.

I thought the shelves actually looked pretty good unfinished, but I think the stain looks better. The stain picks up the grain in the wood nicely, and the color turned out plenty dark enough (there was concern it would be too light).

I'm not out of the woods yet on this project, as I still have a projected three coats of varnish to put on. But getting everything stained is a huge step towards actually finishing this thing.

Before staining, with nail holes filled and wall protectors in place.

After staining.

Shelf dominoes!

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McBrideFarm said...

ooh, they're very pretty! I love the look with the stain--definitely brings out the grain nicely. :)