Sunday, September 21, 2008

Metcalf Masters Chessboard

IMG_0717On Thursday evening, Linzy, Brenden, Allison and I went over to my former junior high to attend the dedication of the Metcalf Master's giant chessboard. Fred, Brenden and I donated to the project and bought a brick.

The ceremony was small, and of course low-budget, but I thought it was kind of enjoyable. While the board is meant to symbolize any number of big things, it is also a retirement gift for Mr. Ribnick, a long-time math teacher at Metcalf who has coached the chess team for 25 years. The team has been very successful and has 70-some memebers, which is roughly 1/10 of the school population.

That in itself is pretty impressive if you think about getting that many kids to join a nerdy activity like Chess, but the team has also been extremely successful. So it was nice to see them doing something significant to honor the program.

After the ceremony, we went into the school and took a look at some of the other trophies in the cases, and laughed over the old pictures of everyone from back in junior high. Then we met up with Fred and Robin for dinner nearby, and had a good time there as well. So it ended up being a pretty enjoyable evening.

Our brick. Compromises were required to fit everything onto it, most specifically in the dates. Fred was a member from 91-93, while I was only a member in 92, and we couldn't fit a reference to Brenden being captain either. If you ignore the slight historical inaccuracies, I think it looks nice.

The solid teak pieces were heavy.

A selection of the many, many trophies the team has won. I think these were all national championship trophies, and represent only a fraction of the titles the team has won since 1983.

A picture of the 1992 team, after a second place finish in the state.

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