Monday, September 15, 2008

Phone Update

After not quite two months with my new (to me) Sprint Mogul phone, I thought I would post an update on what I thought about it after the newness wore off. The phone was on my mind because I spent the entire bus ride home doing e-mail on it. Which probably could sum up the review in and of itself.

More seriously, I really do like the phone. I have quibbles with it, but in general I am really glad that I bucked up and bought something with a qwerty keyboard and more features. I am not sure that I use it as much for really detailed writing as I might have thought. That is I haven't written a single real blog post with it, and most of my e-mails top out at a paragraph or two. But on the other hand, I do send quite a bit of e-mail with it, and since these days most of my e-mails for better or worse are things like "Can you take a look at this", or "Looping in ....", that it works out just fine.

As far as typing on the keyboard, it is a very comfortable size and easy to use. My only complaint is that it is still a bit overly sensitive, and so I have to be really careful to look over the e-mail for extra letters and random punctuation. On the good/bad news side of things, the keyboard is nice enough that I can consistently out-type the e-mail client's update speed. So I frequently stop to check for double letters, only to find out it hasn't inputted my last sentence. That's good because it show show easy the keyboard is to use, but bad because well...I'm spending time waiting when I could be spending time correcting my atrocious spelling.

The Internet browsing is not all that spectacular. Mobile IE is basically a pile of junk, but does beat out Opera Mobile. Which I guess says something about the state of the mobile browsing industry. IE does seem satisfactory for Google Reader, though it does only the WAP version :(, and the couple other sites I visit when out and about.

The most amazing part of the phone is just how bad the actual phone functions can be. The call clarity is terrific, I'm talking about actually trying to call someone. It's surprisingly complicated even given the relatively small contact list I keep in it. It works, but I routinely find myself having to think about what I need to do in order to do something phone related, which is something I honestly never thought about on former phones.

But all in all, being able to get e-mail and calendar updates on the phone are well worth any of the other quibbles, as are Mobile Word, Excel and Acrobat. I'm regularly shocked at the tasks I can pull off on the phone, without needing a real computer and that is a good thing. I fully expect never to own a non-smartphone again.

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