Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rest of the Weekend

Labor Day BBQ-6Thanks to the long weekend, we were able to fit in lots of activities other then just working on bookshelves.

On Saturday, we had Gerard, Mike, Dan & Kelli, Anita and the Phillips' over for dinner as Dan and Kelli were in town for the weekend. Dan and Nikki left pretty quickly after dinner, but everyone else stayed for a long while and it was good fun catching up with them and laughing over silly things we used to do. We were also able to get the most use out of the deck this summer, as the weather was terrific all night.

On Sunday Linzy and I went over to Paul and Laura's for dinner and had a great time hanging out with them and the kids. It was hot in the house, so after dinner we spent quite a while hanging out in the backyard playing with Evan. After he went to bed, we played a game of Ticket to Ride: Europe, that Linzy and I had picked up just for the occasion (after having talked about getting it for months).

TTR:E was fun, if slightly more complicated then regular Ticket to Ride. That complexity is probably good relative to the longevity of the game, but makes it slightly less 'beginner friendly'. As does the fact that all the towns are spelled in their native languages, making finding and pronouncing them sort of difficult. Still it was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time.

I also squeezed in a bike ride, some house cleaning, and of course watching a Battlestar Galactica episode. It was a full weekend, but definitely fun.

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