Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rotten Carrots

Earlier this week it was raining when I was going from work to the bus. That allowed me to, for the first time, use the little travel-sized umbrella that Linzy bought me months and months ago. I've actually had it for probably 6-9 months but when I was traveling a lot I would take it out of the laptop bag for trips and then forget to put it back in. Until the first rain storm without it, when I would put it back in, until the next business trip. Rinse, and repeat.

Anyway, so the other day I was proud of the fact that I both had the umbrella and remembered to use it. But as I was putting it back in my bag afterwards I noticed a zip-lock bag of carrots from an old lunch stashed on the very bottom. Occasionally I'll not eat my carrots and then bring them home so that I don't end up with two bags the following day.

The thing about this bag was that it was so old the carrots had started to rot (turning into orange-colored sludge). Which, honestly, I don't know that I've ever seen before. Which made me wonder just how something like that takes to happen, and thus how long I had been carting that bag of carrots back and forth to work. My guess would be a month or more.

Regardless it was gross. Luckily the zip-lock bag was much heartier then the carrots were, and it hadn't leaked at all. It also made me check what else was buried at the bottom of the laptop bag, but the only other random thing was an empty Tide-to-go pen.


Robin said...

how did you manage to use an entire Tide to go pen? That's quite a bit of spilling Steve!

Pete said...

That's almost as nasty as the potatoes that turned into a pile of sludge at the 5th St house.