Thursday, September 11, 2008

Speedy Delivery

Just before Labor Day weekend, I got a rebate check in the mail for purchasing Microsoft Money. A week after I had posted about the trouble with trying to buy a copy of the program and personal finance software in general, they started offering a mail-in rebate through the Microsoft site so I eventually decided just to take the easy way out and stick with what I know works.

Anyways, the surprising thing about getting the rebate check was that I had only purchased the software on August 18th. Then it took a few days before I got around to filling out the forms and mailing everything in. But in a mere two weeks the money was already deposited in my bank account.

That seemed insanely fast for a mail-in rebate, even if they do process a good portion of them in Young America, MN (this was mailed to Texas, but the check came from Young America). Certainly I was expecting to get the check months from now when I had forgotten all about it. Which I had, I guess, but still.

I wonder if that is an indication of the general decrease in the number of mail-in rebates these days compared with three years ago, or if they've just stopped trying to milk 12 weeks of interest out of all that float.

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