Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Abs of Steel

This weekend the hotel we were staying at did not have an exercise room, but instead offered free passes to a Gold's Gym that was nearby. The deal was pretty good, as both my parents and I took them up on the offer on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday while I was using the elliptical machine (an even fancier one then we have, with adjustable incline settings), I was amusing myself during commercials by watching people use the various weight machines. There was one guy in particular who caught my eye because he looked to be in his late 60s, and he was doing all kinds of machines, pull-ups, etc during his workout.

After doing his other work, I noticed him over at a crunch machine where he went absolutely all-out, doing one crunch per second for at least seven minutes straight. It was an insane performance of at least 400 straight crunches, and might have been more since he had already been going long enough to catch my eye when I looked at the time.

So what did he do after 400 ab crunches? Go over to another ab machine and do some reps on it, of course.

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