Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bookshelf Update #8

The bookshelves are so close I can taste it. I spent most of this weekend completing the final steps for 'finishing' the bookshelves. Last weekend was staining, this weekend was all about varnishing. And sanding. Lots of sanding.

I buckled down in a big way and managed to get three coats of varnish applied Saturday and Sunday. Between applying the varnish, letting things dry, sanding, wiping down and repeating, that was virtually my entire weekend.

It is hard to articulate just how demoralizing that first coat of polyurethane is. It takes forever to apply and dry. And while it looks reasonable, when you feel it, its not even remotely smooth. So you sand it, which absolutely destroys any semblance of nice finish that you might have managed to get in place. All the while, remembering the 5 hours of your life you spent applying the first coat.

Luckily the second coat goes on much better. And the third was probably unnecessary, but since I had been planning on it and had all the supplies, I decided to go ahead with a final coat.

Hopefully everything dries satisfactorily and I can move on to clean-up and actually putting stuff on the long-awaited shelves.

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