Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I went to the doctor this morning ostensibly for my annual physical, but more realistically to get new prescriptions for the couple asthma/allergy drugs I take. Since those only last a year, it helps keep everyone in business by forcing me to come back at least every year. As opposed to the eye doctor who, since my contacts last years a time, hasn't found a way to keep the easy money flowing in.

Now, obviously I am being a bit facetious, since I understand the value of preventative doctor check ups. Normally the doctor checks me over, runs various tests, asks pointed questions about whatever the HMO is focusing on improving their care of that year, I get my prescriptions and everyone is happy.

This year, however I caught the doctor by surprise by asking what vaccinations I needed to go to India and so we spent some time checking out the CDC site and ordering up several jabs (as Nikki would call them). So by the time we got through the prescriptions, I think I had gone over my allotted time. Because the doctor listened to my breathing, checked my pulse, felt my liver (or whatever they are doing when they knead your stomach) and called it good.

He was still polite enough to answer a couple questions about my knees afterwards, but that was the extent of the examination. I like my doctor, and since I'm not concerned about any health issues, particularly, it is not a big deal at all. But I did think it was a pretty quick examination.


McBrideFarm said...

When are you going to India? Or am I ruining a future post topic? ;)

Steve Eck said...

Most likely in January.