Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hunting Stories

When we were in Chicago last weekend, I spent some time talking with my Uncle. He's always interesting to have a conversation with, since he is never at a loss for interesting stories to tell. My particular favorites are usually hunting stories, since he really likes the outdoors, hunting and fishing and for some reason ends up in strange and interesting situations.

This time he was telling us about how they went for an early deer hunt in Kansas on someone's land who had a bunch of dead junker cars out on the back forty. When they asked about it, the land owner started going down the list of all of the family members whose vehicles were collecting dust back there. Going all the way back to Great-Grandfather. Plus a few where people had come over with the car for a regular visit, the car had died so they just pushed it out back to the field and left it there.

My favorite story was one time he was telling us about the guide that his hunting party had hired to take them on a mountain goat* bow hunt. At some point my uncle had shot a goat and it had run away through the woods and for some reason they couldn't track it as a party. So the guide went off by himself to track down the animal. But then it ended up being nightfall and the guide was stranded out in the middle of nowhere with a bleeding dead animal corpse for the evening. At some point wolves started circling, and so the guide decided to bury himself and the corpse in loose shale.

The guide survived the night and made it back to the rest of the hunting party. Apparently my uncle write a check for the guide's tip and it not having been cashed for a year. And when my uncle asked about it, he found out that shortly thereafter the guide went to prison and so wasn't able to cash the check.

The crazy thing is that when my Uncle tells the story he gets more worked up about how the guide went to prison, then the whole 'circling wolves, burying yourself in shale, and hauling a dead animal miles through the woods'. Which always amuses me since the rest is just par for the hunting experience I guess. At least for my Uncle.

[ * I can't actually remember if they were hunting mountain goats or some other sort of shifty, hard to track mountain animal ]

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