Sunday, October 12, 2008

Minnesota Zoo

DSC_2587Today Linzy and I went over to the Minnesota Zoo to see the fall colors and enjoy what was likely the last 70-degree day this year.

The zoo was a bit more crowded then I was expecting given that there was a Vikings game on at the same time. The Grizzly Coast exhibits, and the bear exhibit in particular were crowded, which makes sense since they are the newest. The bear exhibit continues to be impressive in getting you right up close to the bears.

I was also able to see the Amur leopards for the first time, as they were still hiding back in June. Now they appear to have adapted to the exhibit and were very active. We got to see them in their den hanging out, playing and wrestling, checking out the trees, and then eventually climbing up to the top of the exhibit to take another nap. It was pretty cool to not only see them but also see them active and doing stuff.

After the Grizzly Coast, Linzy and I walked through the rest of the outside areas and enjoyed the nice weather and reasonably active animals, before heading out. It was a quick trip, but still enjoyable.

The prairie dogs were all bulked up for winter

Calling out a warning when a plane flew over

Two of the leopards playing

Intently watching the movement outside the exhibit

The bears were quite active, swimming in the pond and digging a big hole in the ground

The leaves were starting to change. I think next week will be about peak.


Shawn said...

That's awesome, we got to see the leopards for the first time recently as well. I assumed it was because we went at 5pm, when we are almost ALWAYS there at open time (9am). I just figured it was because they were more nocturnal animals.

Steve Eck said...

I hadn't considered that time might have something to do with their activity. Previously we had been there in the morning, but this weekend we went after lunch.