Monday, October 13, 2008

More Important

Over the past few months, as gas prices reached the outrageous, there have been noticeably more people on the buses going downtown. This has been particularly apparent in the evenings, particularly on the less frequent later buses where standing is a disturbingly common occurrence. With all of the extra people, you can usually tell the first-timers, as they are the ones getting all confused at the (only) bus stop when everyone else is patiently waiting to file off the bus in an orderly fashion.

Today there was a guy sitting a few rows ahead of me, against the window (so there was a person between him and the aisle). When the bus pulled into the station and people were waiting filing off this guy stood up and demanded that the lady between him and the aisle let him out. Because "he had to go". So the lady let him out and off the bus he went, while the rest of us waited for our turn.

When I got off a minute or two later, I was surprised to see the guy in such a hurry to get off the bus sitting in the transit station waiting for a ride. Clearly, that wouldn't have been possible if he had waited another minute.


Bill Roehl said...

Not that I want to support this guy's actions but there could be two possibilities:

1. Anxiety or panic attack (I have had one sitting in a packed van at the top of a volcano in Maui most likely due to the onset of altitude sickness).

2. He actually "had to go" and he was done by the time you got off the bus.

I have also noticed the lack of people on the buses and can't help but shake my head. The reason the gas prices are going down is in part due to less use by Americans. Unfortunately people cannot contain themselves. Why people want to sit in traffic for an hour twice a day never ceases to amaze me.

Steve Eck said...

You're always giving the benefit of the doubt to the bus riders. Although in this case I agree that the bathroom theory might have been likely. Or he was just a jerk. :)