Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One More Turn

Since my XBox 360 is currently winging its way to a Microsoft repair center, I was unable to spend some time playing Rock Band 2 when I had a few minutes of free time. I could have played some of the many games I have sitting around unopened, but instead I went back to a classic and borrowed Civilization 4 from my Dad. I played the game back in 2005, but haven't for a number of years since. I forgot how enjoyable it was.

My proficiency at it has clearly taken a turn for the worse, as the first game I tried I got wiped out midway through (after spending all my time building wonders and no armies). My second game has been going much better, and I'm well in the lead roughly 2/3rds of the way through.

The trouble with the game is the same that all Civilization games have had: they are addictive time-sinks. It is amazing how quickly time goes by if I fire the game up late at night, as I go "just a few more turns". There always seems to be just a couple turns until I've built some major building, or moved a few more units into attack position, or just researched some crucial technology.

That is clearly the mark of a good, engrossing game, but I must admit that it is really interfering with my ability to get enough sleep. I'll start the game up at 9:30, thinking I'll just play for a little while, and then the next moment it is way past when I should be up wasting time with video games.

It's fun though, even if I do have to play on one of the easier difficulty levels.

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