Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reward Zone

A little less then a year ago, I posted about how my RewardZone account had been mistakenly attached to someone else, and all of the points lost. Unfortunately it is no better today.

I had been ignoring it up until May of this year when I spent a bit of precious time to take the account back (which was disturbingly easy, and I assume the reason it got lost in the first place). I was even able to talk them into combining the new and old accounts together, so I got a few of the old points back.

At that point I thought everything was good to go, and bought a number of things over the summer racking up a ridiculous amount of points. Those were all banked in the account and after periodically checking in to see if Steve Zeck's purchases were showing up again I decided everything had been resolved.

Until Monday, when I logged in to print out some certificates for Linzy to use on an iPod, only to find 7,000 points (about $140 in certificates) had gone missing. After calling Best Buy they explained that somehow (again) points had gotten moved to one of the two additional accounts that are attached to my e-mail but are not visible on the website. So back we went through the exercise of trying to combine the accounts.

It is stunning how ridiculously poorly they are managing something that should be about the easiest process in the world. How hard is it to track my purchases, and occasionally let me print out a gift certificate? Apparently along the order of getting to and from Mars.

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