Sunday, October 26, 2008

Skin of my Teeth

One of the agreements I made when convincing Linzy that I should take over the garage for three months to build bookshelves for the extra bedroom was that the cars had to be back in the garage by the time the snow flew. That seemed completely reasonable at the time.

Today I brought the last of the equipment back to my Dad's house, and put the downstairs bedroom back into shape officially ending the project. And not a moment too soon since as we were unloading the table saw the snow started flying.

It wasn't really snow, exactly. More like messy rain mixed with some flakes, and it certainly isn't going to stick around. But it was still snow, and was strangely coincidental with finally being able to get both cars back into the garage.

[ As a side-note I should mention that 40 mph winds and 40 degree temperatures, with rain/snow coming down was pretty depressing today. A good day for staying inside, but I'm just not ready for winter quite yet. ]


Bill Roehl said...

I cried.

Brenden said...

Allison was very sad about it.