Thursday, October 16, 2008

Winter is Coming

Last night Linzy and I were in Menards so I could pick up some miscellaneous stuff. The trip was depressing from a 'winter is almost here' perspective since:

a) My impulse purchase was a new snow shovel to replace the venerable 7 year-old one my Dad gave me when we bought the house.

b) They had all of their Christmas junk out. That included an inflatable Hummer driven by Santa that moved up and down automatically, and a giant inflatable Menards stock car also driven by Santa. Because, don't you want those in your front yard?

The really strange thing was that my main reason for going to the store in the first place was to get new cord for my weed whacker. But I guess instead the next thing I should be planning is when to swap the lawn mower out for my completely unreliable snowthrower.

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