Thursday, October 30, 2008

Worst of Both?

I got a marketing e-mail last night from Delta announcing that they had officially eaten Northwest. The gist of the e-mail was 'business continues as usual', and I assume everyone with a frequent flyer account got the same e-mail.

This morning the paper of course had an article as well, and listed some of the things that will change with the merger over the next year:

  • Switching to Delta food (what flights even offer food anymore?)
  • Flight Attendant uniform changes
  • Paint-job changes to Delta color scheme for planes
  • Delta to start charging extra for window and aisle seats in coach

Not an impressive list, considering those are the 'good' changes that they are willing to disclose already. I assume things like 'closing the Minneapolis and Memphis hubs' will come later.

At least they could drop the silly charge for the first checked bag that was instituted back when oil was $150 a barrel. Now that it is $60 I imagine we won't see those savings passed on to the consumer.

I guess I should get used to flying through Atlanta, Detroit, or Salt Lake City.

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Bill Roehl said...

We were on a NW flight recently where they left the entire middle section of the plane empty and packed the back because no one paid for the "upgraded" seats that were closer towards the front.

When someone asked if they could move up, the FA replied, quite rudely I might add, "No, you most certainly cannot. Those are upgrade seats only."

So now are they only going to let you sit in the middle seat? Sweet.