Wednesday, November 05, 2008

About Face

It has been over two years since I broke my mp3 player, and up to this point we were getting along just fine without one. Now, through a random fluke of timing, we own not one but two new mp3 players.

The timing fluke was similar to what happened this spring when in less then a month we ended up buying two new cameras to fill two difference niches. This time, Linzy decided she wanted an iPod and eventually settled on a Nano last month. Which I was specifically forbidden from using or borrowing for trips. Given that, I was planning to get my own iPod Classic early next year as I will most likely have several trips for work that involve exceedingly long plane flights. Then just a few weeks later the emergency trip to Sweden came up, and suddenly that iPod Classic purchase was looking a lot sooner then originally planned.

The end result is that we are now part of the millions and millions of other people lining Steve Job's pockets. I'm still annoyed that there is not even remotely any competition in the mp3 player space, but there are some advantages to buying exactly what everyone else in the world bought in terms of accessories and compatibility. Despite the fact that I am embarrassed at buying two mp3 players when we were just fine with no mp3 players a month ago, the iPods seem pretty nice and Linzy really likes her shiny blue Nano. And that is enough for me.


McBrideFarm said...

Yay Macs! :P

Bill Roehl said...

I have been really pleased with the iPhone and while it has really bitten into my book reading on the bus (I've been watching Lost S1 instead), I'll take it -- I was getting burned out reading anyway ;)

Have a safe trip.