Thursday, November 06, 2008

And By Repaired, We Mean Replaced

A little over two weeks after my XBox 360 crapped out, my repair is complete and I have a working console in the house again. The process, while quick in the grand scheme of things, and not just because I was forced to lose sleep thanks to Civilization 4.

Getting the coffin shipped to me took several days, and so then by the time the console got shipped back the weekend stretched the shipping time to nearly a week. Then it took a day or so for them to acknowledge receipt of the console, and then they spent 3-4 days repairing the console before sending it back. And that was the fastest part of the whole process, arriving a full day before the scheduled delivery day.

I was pretty nervous when I saw the 3-4 days spent repairing the console, because I really didn't want my own console back, refurbed. Luckily what they sent back was indeed a brand new console manufactured on 8/30/2008 (though I don't know if they change the mfg date after refurbing them). So getting a new console was good, but it made me wonder what, exactly, they were doing with the other console for 3-4 days worth of 'repairs'.

Still, at least I have a working console that hopefully should have the fatal flaw in the GPU soldering fixed so that I don't get any further red rings of death. I definitely missed having it available for gaming and DVD watching.

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