Monday, November 24, 2008

Back from Sweden

DSC_3130Over the weekend Linzy and I made it back from Sweden safely, although not without some excitement.

The day we were leaving happened to be the first substantial snowfall of the winter in Stockholm (it had snowed a couple times previously, but not in a way that stuck around). The snow snarled up the roads so that our trip to the airport took forever, and then the flight to Amsterdam was delayed because the plane got delayed leaving Amsterdam for Stockholm (it was apparently just a there and back trip for the crew).

Unfortunately we were only able to allow an hour between the two flights. So with the delay we thought we had missed the connection. After standing in line for a bit to talk with the transfer desk it turned out we hadn't missed our flight because that flight was having mechanical problems, but we had to run across the massive Amsterdam airport to catch the plane home. In the end we made it, but I really thought we were going to end up having to spend a night at Amsterdam waiting for the next plane back to the US.


Stockholm was not 'on my list' as somewhere to visit, and while it was a nice place to visit I think there are many other places I would go before making a return trip as a tourist. I would definitely advise against going in November, as the weather is pretty unpleasant. It was about 32-35 degrees every day with a constant 20-30mph wind. It also rained or lightly snowed just about all of the 15 days I was there. Also, it gets dark about 3:30pm, which is fairly depressing. On the other hand, I am sure the extra-long days and mild weather of summer would make it quite enjoyable.

Regardless of the weather the trip was interesting, and it was definitely cool to be able to experience Sweden. The people were friendly and helpful, and there was no shortage of things to keep us busy. Linzy and I had a good time seeing the various museums and sites over the weekend, and she also enjoyed exploring the town during the week while I was working.


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