Sunday, November 02, 2008

Gophers Game

On Saturday I went to the Gophers football game with Brenden. The game was a lot of fun, although the Gophers ended up losing on a last second fluke play. The game was tied with under a minute left, and the Gophers had gotten the ball and were trying to drive down the field to kick a game-winning field goal. After picking up a first down, a pass got tipped twice, intercepted by the Northwestern defense and run back for a touchdown through the entire Gophers offense, costing the Gophers the game.

The game was interesting the whole way, with Northwestern jumping out to an early lead, the Gophers clawing their way back and eventually getting a lead but never really putting the game away.

This year is the first one for Brenden's seats in a new section of the stadium, and they have a bit better view overall of the field then the old ones down on the goal line. However the fans in the section tend to be of the old and cranky variety.

Just behind us was the most bitter 'fan' ever. The only time he said anything was when something bad happened to the Gophers (and then it was to yell 'I told you these guys suck!'). You'd think he was a Northwestern fan, but he was wearing Gophers apparel, so his bitterness is apparently why he goes the to games. Which is pretty much insane.

Another interesting fan was the lady in front of Brenden who was annoyed the whole game at how loud the stadium was, and at one point turned around and yelled at Brenden for 'having too loud of a voice'. She also didn't like getting up to let anyone in and out, and would spent 30 seconds sighing and making annoyed sounds whenever someone was trying to get in or out of the row.

Despite the sub-optimal surrounding fans this year, next year it will all pay off, when the new outdoor stadium opens up. An outdoor stadium certainly would have been great on Saturday as the weather was absolutely perfect autumn football weather. Even though the Gophers lost I had a great time at the game and was really glad that Brenden invited me to attend.


Moe said...

I was at the game as well, sitting in section 227. I still can't believe how cursed the Gophers the are. Ugh

Steve Eck said...

We were in section 231, so right nearby. You could probably hear Brenden's super-loud voice over in 227. :)