Monday, November 10, 2008


Anyone who has flown Northwest (now Delta) lately is well aware that the airline is more-or-less charging extra for everything but seatbelts these days on domestic flights. International is a different story, but then again since the tickets are twice as expensive, I suppose it should be.

Anyways, on my trip to Sweden this week, I flew Northwest to Amsterdam (which was fine), and then had a two hour KLM flight to Stockholm. I was expecting the quick flight to be similar to a Northwest domestic flight, or perhaps the cattle-car RyanAir flight that I took long ago from London to Dublin.

Instead the KLM flight spoiled us with a meal, drinks (including beer and wine), desert, and coffee. It was crazy, and took a concerted effort to fit all that into a 1 hour 50 minute flight. A strange thing was the choice of sandwich for the meal. Half was goat cheese, walnut and fig, and the other half was rosemary lamb. Not exactly what I was interested in at that point, but they do get points for trying.

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