Monday, November 03, 2008


On Saturday I will be heading to Stockholm, Sweden for work for a little over two weeks. I'm somewhat excited to go, since I've never been to any Scandinavian country before, but realistically there are many other places that would be higher on my list of countries/cities to visit.

Still, the hotel I'll be staying at appears to be at nearly the dead-center of Stockholm, and seems nice on the website (it should be for ~1900SEK a night). And I'm going with a bunch of sales guys, so I'm sure there will be no shortage of fancy dinners.

Thus this week is filled with last minute preparations for being away from home for at least 15 days like catching up on laundry, finishing up the fall yard work, buying a couple suits for the customer presentations (my only current suit is a college-era interview suit and hardly appropriate now, even if it fit), and other random things that I've been procrastinating on but now have to get done.

My Grandma is saying that Stockholm is known as the "Venice of the North", something that seemed ludicrous given the cities Minnesota-like climate, but Wikipedia backed her up. So perhaps the city will be a lot cooler then I am expecting. And not just because they were already getting snow last week.

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