Sunday, November 16, 2008

Swedish Royal Palace

DSC_3056After visiting the Vasa museum yesterday, today was devoted to the Swedish Royal Palace and associated museums. The palace didn't open to noon, which fit in well with our rather late start today, but also meant that we weren't able to make it to the Royal Treasury. We were able to see the Tre Kronor, Royal and Guest apartments, the Armory, and an Economic/Mint museum.

The Tre Kronor museum was probably the most interesting. It focused on the 13th century castle that the current Royal Palace is literally built on top of. It was pretty cool to walk down a few flights of stairs from the Renaissance-styled palace and see 13th century bricks and stonework, as well as all sorts of the artifacts that they found underneath the castle.

Unfortunately the weather was not as cooperative today, it rained all morning and then eventually turned to snow about 2pm. That didn't stick around, but the colder weather did. Still we had a good time checking out the various museums and wandering around Old Town.

Believe it or not, This is not actually the palace. That is much bigger, though similar looking.

The church behind the palace (that's Linzy standing against the wall trying to get out of the wind)

One of the side streets in Old Town

A suit of armor in the Armory

In the basement of the Armory they had a number of the royal carriages on display.

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McBrideFarm said...

Cool pictures! I hope this next week isn't too crazy for work and you're able to get out and see some more cool sites. :)