Monday, December 01, 2008

...and Done

Apparently distraught at having been left home alone while Linzy and I gallivanted across Sweden, our 4.5 year old computer died a few hours after we got home. Unfortunately it didn't decide to fail in some sort of easily repaired way, but instead the motherboard failed rendering the entire PC useless.

The PC has led a troubled and unreliable life in the few short years we've had it, and so in some ways I am not sorry to see it go. On the other hand, you can't really get a socket 478 motherboard any more that will work with my combination of CPU, memory and video card. Oh, you can get one, as long as you are willing to pay ~$100 to a random seller in Hong Kong on EBay for a non-returnable as-is motherboard. I'm not.

So instead we'll be getting an entirely new PC, complete with a quad core CPU, a ridiculous amount of RAM and a 20" LCD widescreen monitor for far, far less then I've ever paid for a computer in my life. That was partly due to careful searching for the absolute best deal, and partly due to shamelessly calling up a real live human and negotiating them into giving me an extra 7% off for a corporate discount, on top of the 30% discount they were already offering, while also throwing in the 20" LCD for $40 (seriously).

I'm still disgruntled that the old computer broke after not even 5 years while the 8 year old computer Linzy claimed as 'hers' is still humming along just fine, as is the computer from before that. But at least we'll end up with a new hopefully more reliable computer.


Shawn said...

This deal that you negotiated... can you get 2 for the same price, and I'll just pay you back? :-)

Also a random side comment, the word verification I just had to put in was "rhednech". Funny...

Bill Roehl said...

I feel your pain Steve. Unfortunately while I was going to go the same route as you but use website revenue to pay for it, the way things are working out it appears I'll be going with an offer of a reader who is willing to provide a 2.4ghz P4 for my server needs. I'll end up putting about $50 into the machine for RAM so I'll come out ahead financially but behind in horsepower :(. Oh well.

I hope this machine keeps you going for years to come.

Steve Eck said...

Shawn, I assume by now the computer is outdated and the price has dropped, so you could probably do better. :)

Bill, Having website revenue to pay for the new computer would be ideal, but free is even better.