Sunday, December 14, 2008


DSC_3144The new computer came this weekend, and is up and running. Technically it came on Friday but since Dell didn't provide any tracking information or a solid shipping date we weren't expecting it that quickly and no one was home to accept delivery. Anyways, in between other activities this weekend I've been diligently to get it setup.

Since the transfer to a new computer was unexpected, resetting up all our programs is a bit more complicated it needs to be. Instead of an orderly export of all the information to the backup drive, and import into the new computer, I'm swapping hard drives in and out, and then sifting through directories trying to find all the right files to copy to their new home. At this point almost everything that can be made to work is working, which is pretty good for the limited amount of time I've spent with things.

One of the first things I did was copy one of the smaller hard drives wholesale onto the new computer, in a folder called "Old C Drive". What was amusing was that while I was sorting through all the crap that was on the old computer, I found another folder "Old C Drive" inside the new "Old C Drive" folder. Which, of course, was from when I did the same thing 2.5 years ago.

Embarrassingly that folder still had things in it that I had never quite gotten around to finding a real home for, and I still didn't have the ambition to do anything with it this time either.

At least I'm consistent.

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