Thursday, December 04, 2008


The bus ride home tonight was crowded (gotta love the influx of winter riders) and so as I stood in the aisle biding my time for the ride home, I was looking at the 'ads' that were posted on the top part of the sides.

Actually, of the 7 ads, there were:

  • 2 ads looking for more bus drivers
  • 2 ads saying to 'Keep an eye out for safety'
  • 1 ad for viewing bus schedules on the metro transit site
  • 2 ads for a eco-awareness website that told you what you could and couldn't recycle

The only real ad, the one for the green website, caught my eye mostly for its low budget nature. It was basically just some white text on a blue background, along with the right third of the advertisement having a little logo for the website. The thing that was strange was that the ad was apparently created straight from a web page because the ad still contained the browser's menu bar on the top. As in, the grey section where it has file, edit, view, favorites, etc.

What I couldn't figure out was why anyone would who was competent enough to do rudimentary graphic design on the ad would not have been smart enough to crop out the menu bar from the screenshot of a web site. And that doesn't even mention the question of why they were even using a screenshot of a website in the first place.

So strange.

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