Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Dozen Years

Our house was built in 1996, making it 12 years old earlier this year. Apparently 12 years is the magic point at which random things start to give up the ghost.

For example, a week ago our garage opener stopped working. Or at least stopped raising and lowering the door. Instead it was content to just 'hum' and turn on the light indicating it should have been doing something. After opening it up and going "Yep, motor is still there, plastic gears appear fine" I had exhausted my garage opener troubleshooting skills and we ordered up a new one. (Which was put in today and is infinitely quieter then the previous one).

Similarly our refrigerator has been rather suspect for quite a while but in the past month or so it has developed a whole new repertoire of concerning noises. The ultimate is one that Linzy describes are "burping". I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that isn't a good sign.

My only hope is that we avoid the whole "bad (expensive) things come in threes", or that the computer failing counts as the third. I'd rather not have to also replace the water heater, washing machine, or something even more expensive.

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