Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Today was the first significant snowfall of the winter, particularly on the south side of the Twin Cities, and as usual traffic was a snarled mess getting out of Apple Valley. Thus the bus ride into work took longer then normal, though not as long as it sometimes does.

What I think is interesting is the amount of difference in how the various bus drivers react to bad weather. For example, this morning my driver was stubbornly sitting in the middle lane of Cedar even when there was a shoulder available, which defeated a major benefit of the bus. On the other hand, a co-worker who took the bus 10 minutes after me actually ended up arriving first because his bus driver ditched the normal route completely, went up side streets and then when he got back on Cedar used the shoulder aggressively.

One time when there was supposedly some large accident I had a driver who took us down 35W into Burnsville, before cutting back all the way down 42. Which, if you are at all familiar with south metro traffic patterns is an absolutely ludicrous way to get to Apple Valley.

Normally all the buses take the exact same route every single day (which actually changed while I was in Sweden, strangely enough). But when bad weather or something unexpected happens, apparently it is every driver for themselves.


Bill Roehl said...

My bus driver was one I had never seen on the 477 route before and while we were sitting in traffic he radioed in a few times asking for an alternate route and then after being denied, if he could use the right turn lane to get to the base of the hill. Unfortunately he was denied again and we sat in traffic until the hill.

I don't know how it works but perhaps those drivers making their own routes are doing so outside the permission of the MVTA?

Steve Eck said...

Well, if they are going off on their own then I am sorry that I called attention to it. I would much rather make an unapproved trek up Galaxy, then sit in traffic on Cedar for no good reason.